Best Home Decoration Items For Diwali in India 2020

Best Home Decoration Items For Diwali 2020

Best Home Decoration Items For Diwali 2020

As we all know that Diwali is the biggest festival in India. This festival signifies the victory of good over the bad and the victory of knowledge over ignorance. On Diwali, we clean our homes and decorate them with lovely lights and flowers, which is a very enjoyable as well as a very tough task because on Diwali we will have to decorate our home so to overcome from this headache we are going to suggest you Best Home Decoration Items For Diwali so that you can decorate your home in a new as well as a fancy way which gives your home a pretty look and make it ready for Diwali.

Home Decoration Items For Diwali 2020:

1. Candle Holder:

Candle Holder is one of the best and beautiful candle holder, They sparkle and glow when the light is passed, giving a warm and romantic light. These are perfect for adding a decorative touch to any room whether it is a living room, a bedroom, or even a drawing-room they are a perfect choice for the decoration of any room.

These Candleholders are very good from the others because in most of the candle holders the remaining wax will stick to the bottom of the holder which is very difficult to remove out but in this candle holder you will just have to add a half teaspoon of water in the votive candle holder and it will make easy to remove the remaining wax once the candle has burned out and cooled.

And the best thing of these candle holders is that they all are Made In India and are Exclusively Hand-crafted by skilled artisans.

  •  Tea Light Candle Holder:


2. Lanterns: 

As we all know Diwali is known as the festivals of lights and Lamps are a fancy and creative way to decor your home. You can take a look at the following lanterns below that we have selected from the Amazon Website which has a wide range of collections that are ideal for any festival at a reasonable price! These hanging lantern brings in the serenity and charm of lights in an elegantly sophisticated look to brighten up your home.

  • Home Centre Moksha Hanging Lantern:


  • Star Light Decorative Metal Lantern:


3. LED:

These are some top and best type of LED lights which we have come across because these LED lights are Safe, power-saving and have High-brightness string light, you can use these LED lighting's for diwali, christmas, birthday party, wedding, and indoor-outdoor decoration. These LED star string light are made up of 100% Copper Wire Material and its electric operated.

  • Star Shape Acrylic Light:

  • Snowflakes Design LED Light:

These snowflakes design LED light can easily create a romantic atmosphere for you and you can easily decorate your house, room, garden, etc. These lights are ideal for Christmas, Diwali, weddings, birthday party, and other festivals or celebrations. You can put or hung on walls, windows, doors, floors, grasses, Christmas trees, etc. They are Waterproof and anti-freezing, it can also work on rainy days.


4. Door Hangings:

Door Hangings are also one of the best ways to decorate your house as well as the door of your house. You can take a look at the following Door Hangings below that we have selected from the Amazon Website which has a wide range of collections that are ideal for any festival at a reasonable price! just take a look at these stylish and beautiful door hangings.

  • Shubh Labh Door Side Hangings:


  • Subh Deepawali Design Subh Labh Door Hanging:

Handmade decorative door/wall hanging, Suitable For Door, Wall, Pooja Area |perfect to be tied at the doorway of home or office to stay away negative energies and bring good luck, These door hangings are the best demo of the Fine Art of Rajasthan, they Handmade, they have Unique Design, Traditional Look, and it is Easy To Clean.


5. Rangoli stencils:

On Diwali making a rangoli is a good idea but it is also quite difficult to draw although some people can draw it very on the other hand it is a very difficult task for the people who don't have an interest in drawing so for those people we will suggest you some best rangoli stencils so that you can make a perfect and mind-blowing rangoli without any extra efforts. These are the two best stencils which we have find on amazon these packs of stencils containing different types and designs of stencils.

  • GFTBX Rangoli Stencils for Floor:

Look at your final result after using the stencils.


Stencils of the above rangolis.

  • India Ganesha with Subh Deepawali Rangoli Stencils for Floor:


6. Subh Labh Gate Decoration:

As we all decorate our home during every festival but most of us forget about to decorate our gate or main door. So to decorate your home doors during festive season and bring goodluck to your home with this auspious and elegant door hanging Toran comes. These door hangings are Ideal they can stick in any house entrances, doors and temples enterance.

This door hangings comes with multi colour Product and it brings good luck to your home. These traditional decorative hanging are also known as Bandarwal Toran. It is a handmade item.

  • Golden Ganesh Ji Leaf Pearl Traditional Subh Labh:


  • Traditional Multi Zula Pearl Beads Handmade Door Hanging:

This is a perfect Door Hanging to be tied at the entrance of home or office to keep away negative energies and bring good luck. These Door hangings gives an attractive look to that place where-ever they are placed.

Usually these door hangings are hanged outside on the main entrance of the house. These Torans are the first thing which your guests see, as they step at your place. These Torans not only enhance the charm of the main entrance of your home but also give a friendly welcome. 

The main idea behind decorating the homes is to please and attract the goddess of wealth Lakshmiji. You can decorate your sweet homes forever with these stunning exclusive Torans. 

7. Wall Stickers:

  • Tree with Birds and Cages Wall Sticker:

These 'Tree with Birds and Cages' Wall Sticker' are Ideal for family lounge, bedroom, cafe and, kids room, etc.  These wall stickers decorate your home just in minutes. They are made up of PVC vinyl which is non-toxic and waterproof.

They have an easy installation process, the surface you wish to attach your decal must be clean and free from dust, grease, or any other contamination. You have to just simply peel those pre-cut pieces of wall stickers off from the backing paper and apply them to the desired area. These types of readymade wallpapers will completely decorate your home quickly without any extra efforts.


  • Flowers Branch Wall Sticker:


8. Akhand Diya:

  • Borosil Akhand Diya:

We all know the importance of worship in India, so for that thing, we will suggest to take a look at the Akhand diya's which are mentioned below these diya's create a meditative and peaceful environment in your puja room. These diya does not get heated up even after continuously burning for long hours. It is efficient in emitting brighter light and is safe for use compared with open-flamed days. 

The borosilicate glass composition used in this diya makes it extremely durable and crack-resistant, which allows you to use it with ease on a daily basis. Easy to Use and Clean. The flame of this brass Diya does not go off or cause any danger even when the fan is on as the diya comes with a lid. 



  • Brass Decorative Akhand Diya:


9. Ganesh Laxmi Ji Decorative Shadow Candle Holder:

As the god of beginnings, he is honored at the start of rituals and ceremonies. Ganesha is also invoked as patron of letters and learning during writing sessions. The persona of the Lakshmi with lotus brings prosperity and good luck to your life, be it office or your home, will brighten the things around.

This exquisite candle holder is made with a metal sheet and hand-painted in light golden color candlelight will give it a graceful and charming look on the back wall and spread light in your home.

  • Decorative Shadow Divine Lord Ganesha and Laxmi Ji:


  • Decor Metal Divine Shadow Ganesh Tealight Candle Holder:


10. Lord Ganesha, Lakshami Ji, And Saraswati Ji Idol Statue:

Get a  Lord Ganesha, Lakshmi Ji, and Saraswati Ji Idol Statue for your home. You can take a look at the following idol statue of Lord Ganesha, Lakshmi Ji, that we have sorted from an immense collection of idol statues on the Amazon Website that are beautiful and are at reasonable prices too! 

These Idols statue brings prosperity and good luck in your life, be it office or your home, will brighten the things around you.
  • Laxmi Ganesha Decorative Temple:


  • Laxmi Ganesh Saraswati Isol Showpiece Metal Statue:


I hope you loved reading about the Best Home Decoration Items For Diwali in India 2020. I hope that this article helps you to decide your Best Home Decoration Items For Diwali in India 2020. Although there are many items available for Home Decoration For Diwali in India from which you can easily select and choose them. However, you can see the list above and select the Best Home Decoration Items For Diwali of your choice. You can share your thoughts and preferences on this article. If you have any doubts or queries so please mention below in the comment box we will surely reply to you. 

Thank you for Reading.

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